Woolen Carpets for Winter Season

Winter Carptes

Woolen Carpets for Winter Season

Winter decor for your home can be a bit of a tricky task, especially since you need to keep your house warm and lend it a striking look — both at the same time. However, with the help of a good quality wool carpet, you can bathe your interiors in an array of colors and give it a cozy appeal. Woolen carpets are good insulators and they lend a soft, warm feeling underfoot — which is a blessing during chilly winter months.

Why to choose woolen carpets in winter?

Donning your home in a carpet is like wrapping yourself up in warm clothes. Getting the perfect carpet for your abode goes a long way in setting the right mood and ambiance. But choosing the right carpet is challenging because there are so many varieties in the market.

You can get carpets in various materials such as fiber, nylon, polyester, acrylic, wool and blends. Among them, one material that goes best with your interior decor is wool. Woolen carpets not only offer comfort but they look grand and elegant. They arrive in a gamut of shapes, shades, and sizes —covering your home in their charm and beauty.

A natural fiber

Natural Fiber Carpets

Wool is a natural material, thus making it a sustainable and eco-friendly product. Additionally, it traps in fine dust particles, thereby, acting as a natural air cleanser. It even absorbs toxins from the air. Wool is a non-allergic fiber that prevents your interiors from dust mites and bacteria infestations. It is a good option in houses which have residents suffering from asthma and allergies.

Easy to maintain

Wool carpets are easily manageable. The natural membranes that form a part of this material keep away stains and spills. You can effortlessly clean it with the use of a vacuum cleaner.

Additionally, in winter, when the harsh winds seem so brutal, a carpeted home feels like heaven. It welcomes you by giving you the required warmth in the colder months. As a result, it is no surprise that woolen carpets have been in existence since centuries.

Souvenirs of a bygone era

In the prehistoric era, man discovered that the fur of animals are natural heat providers. As a result, they learnt to sheer the hair of goats and sheep. At the same time, they invented this technology to weave wool. With continued evolution and creativity, humans finally invented woolen carpets.Usually, it served the purpose of providing warmth but later, it began to be designed in many shapes and patterns — making them wonderful elements of home decor.

Beautiful wool carpets from Pura Vida Carpets

At Pura Vida Carpets, we have some of the most beautiful woolen carpets, designed exclusively for winters.

Natural Wool Carpets


Natural wool carpets bring in the beauty of the outside to your nature-inspired space. Available in a wide range of patterns, these luxe and beautiful floor coverings can be personalized to complement any space, furnishing and style. Made from a combination of natural and dyed yarns woven into striking patterns, these carpets are inspired by nature in terms of earthy, natural colors. Buy them here.

Wonder Wool Carpets

Wonder wool carpets are primarily known for their relaxed look, easy vibe, and rich feel. And after all, these are the three primary requirements for any space, right? However, with so many options present in the market, searching for the perfect carpet often becomes a humongous task. So what do you do in such case?

Browse through Pura Vida Carpets’s premium collection and you get a 100% guarantee to arriving at a woolen carpet that meets all your requirements. Bringing in the exact ratio of viscose mix and wool fibers, wonder wool carpets arrive with durability that is higher than the market average. Made with sustainable materials, the products ensure that you play your part in maintaining the sustainability of the planet you live in. Buy wonder wool carpets here.

Forever Wool Carpets

Forever Wools

Forever woolen carpets ensure that you give that much-needed, quick overhaul to your interiors. Just pick a piece from Puravida’s ‘Forever Wools’ collection, which consists of carpets that are made from wool procured from the farms of New Zealand. Offering you nature’s finest fiber, these items, when placed on your floor, will brighten up your space in no time. The semi-worsted couture is woven with fine knots that end in a soft, stylish and simply superb end product. Buy forever wools here

Perfect symmetry wool carpets

Perfect Symmetry

By now, you would all agree that woolen carpets are luxe pieces of art. Puravida’s ‘Perfect Symmetry’ collection boasts the ideal color palettes. The Merino-Luxor Wool, with is a part of the Couture Collection, is definitely the best option. It features versatile, zig-zag patterns and looks so gorgeous when placed over your floor. Buy Perfect symmetry wool carpets here.

One-cut One-loop couture woolen Carpets

One-cut One-Loop Eco Couture

Patterns are one of the most sought-after designs when it comes to wool carpets. One-cut, one-loop couture collection houses some of the most grand woolen carpets, which guarantee to make a statement and act as a focal point in your home. Made from 100% viscose materials, these items showcase striking linear patterns created with tufting innovations. Buy one loop one eco couture collections carpets here.

Heaven Flurry Woolen Carpet

Winter Carptes
Heaven Flurry pieces from Puravida showcase the warmest wool carpet collection, having products that feature raw wool patterns, which display a natural sheen and charm. Quite easy to manage, these carpets are hand-tufted by native artisans and hence, customers from the west simply love the products. It is the perfect bet if you are a fan of minimalism and seek for additional comfort and cushion in your aesthetics. Buy our collection of heaven flurry here.

Loft Loops Wool Carpets

Loft Loops

Loft Loops collection comprises of carpets made from hand-woven wool. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, they can be used to cover your living room, office area, or any other space. Thick and comfy, they shall definitely compel your guests to ditch the sofa and prefer the floor instead! Buy our collection of Loft loops here.

Woolen carpets, no doubt, are the perfect choice during the cold winter months. But you must also know how to choose the ideal carpet for your home. One of the most important factors to consider when buying woolen carpets is the color. If your room is small, the best option is to pick lighter shades, as lighter colors lend the illusion of extra space. However, carpets in these hues get dirty easily since marks and stains become more prominent. Again, when you have larger rooms, such as the dining and sitting rooms, you can go for a darker shade. In personal spaces like the bedroom, you can go for light colors. For your kids’ rooms, you may go for bold designs such as floral patterns and geometrical prints.

That’s all! We hope our guide shall help you in picking the best woolen carpet to adorn your home in the coming winter season.

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