What are different types of Rugs

types of rugs

What are different types of Rugs

Upgrade your knowledge about the various types of rugs.

Rugs hold an important place in the home décor. There are more than 36 types of rugs available in the market most of which you might not be even aware of. However to make your life simpler I have tried to put together the various types of rugs based on certain categories. Let’s have a look at the various types of rugs available in the market.<>

Various types of rugs:-

Based on area of utility

Indoor rugs

The indoor rugs can be found all throughout the home. Based on its utility it can be further classified as under:-

  • Kids rugs

These types of rugs are best for the kids play room. They are very colourful and have beautiful pattern and encourages the kids to use their rugs in their play.

  • Bath rugs

These are a very important addition to the bathrooms. They are very sturdy and absorbent and is generally placed right outside the shower are for you to step on to after your bath. This prevents the watery feet coming in all over the room and even the rest of the bathroom.

  • Stair rugs

Just like the hallway runners, even the stair rugs are very narrow and long. They are specifically designed to cover the stairs for you to have a sure footing and prevents slipping while climbing up and down the stairs.

  • Kitchen rugs

This is a very popular type of utility rug that is found throughout the world.

Outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs are generally found at the decks and the patios. Due to its utility and constant exposure to the extreme weather conditions, the outdoor rugs are specifically designed to be weather resistant and heavy duty. They are very rough and tuff.

Area rugs

These are one of the most popular category of the rugs. Based on the area of utility they are specifically designed. These types of rugs can go with any type of décor setting and are practically available in all the types of shapes, sizes, colours, pattern. Area rugs have been in this world since the ancient times. The
oldest rug was created some 2500 years ago in the 5 th century BC. Over the period of time, various civilizations across the world have created some beautiful area rugs. The peculiarity of the ancient rugs is that they were all handmade area rugs and could cost some hundreds of workers some months of
hard work to create one handmade area rug.

Based on the craftsmanship

Based on the craftsmanship the rugs can be classified broadly into 2 categories.

Handmade rugs

Based on the type of weaving technique they use, the handmade rugs can be further classified into 3 types.

Hand knotted rugs

These types of rugs are also known as the traditional Persian rugs. The procedure of the hand knotted rug is a little complicated. To prepare the hand knotted rugs the following steps need to be followed.

  1. First of all pass the yarn through the vertical wrap on the left hand side.
  2. Now bring it back on the front of the right side wrap.
  3. Pass this through the right side of the next left side wrap.
  4. Now bring it to the front of the left side wrap.

The aforesaid steps will create a knot which can be cut. A typical 8X10 rug can have somewhere between 1-6 million knots. This means, one square inch of hand knotted rug consists of somewhere 100- 800 knots. One person can prepare one 8X10 hand knotted rug in approximately 3000 man hours. This
comes to nearly one full year.

Hand tufted rugs

There are various manners in which a hand tufted rug can be made. The hand tufted rug is directly began from the foundation cloth. The foundation cloth here is a pre-woven fabric made up of small squares. The foundation cloth is hung and stretched tightly and then the tufting gun is used to create design. The yarn is shot from the backside of the rug to the front. Once done it is shaved and piled. The biggest advantage of hand tufted rugs is that you don’t need to follow the row by row pattern and you
can create the design precisely in the specific areas where you want.

Hand woven rugs

The construction of the hand woven rugs is very similar to that of hand knotted rugs. However unlike the hand knotted rug where each knot is cut before creating the next one, in hand woven rugs one can
create more and more knots without cutting the same. This increases the speed of the rugmaker and he can create more rugs in the same period of time.

Machine made rugs.

In a now a days with an advancement in the technology, machines are used to make the rugs. Huge weaving machines or the power looms create these type of rugs and can imitate the various patterns of the hand woven rugs. This method is most prevalent for the affordable rugs.

Thus the aforesaid are the various types of rugs available in the market with their classification.


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