Flooring Ideas: Top flooring Ideas available in the market at present

Top Flooring Idea

Flooring Ideas: Top flooring Ideas available in the market at present

Flooring is an important part while designing the interiors and your home as it can uplift and change the look of your home at one glance. Today there are several gamut of styles and choices for flooring. There are several likes for flooring, ranging from marble and granite to traditional options, depending on variety of tastes. Hottest trends and new styles are available everywhere to choose from. Trends on hard surfaces like wood, tile or vinyl are in trend at present-day replicating natural wood and stone styles. However, rugs and carpet have their own niche. They are there in the market from forever and never loose trend due to the elegant look they give. With the technological advances and strides in manufacturing industry, we can get to see variety of carpets like never before.

Here are best and top flooring idea at present day market.

Wooden laminate flooring

Most of the modern households are using wood laminate flooring at present. They are easy to maintain and adds warmth to the setup at the home. The laminated wood tile is simple in installation and new to the flooring idea. They are also cool in nature and hence make a very preferred choice for warm climatic conditions.

Stone flooring

The traditional flooring which is yet in trend in modern times is the stone inlay flooring idea. They are used in olden times for mansions and palaces yet is perfect and fits for the luxury theme as well. They can be used for flooring to add up the glam and art. The designs are chosen carefully as they replicate a traditional form of art. Raw materials like semiprecious stones and marbles are selected carefully and special emphasis can be laid to shades and colors of stones to give right look and glam on the surface.
They are good and fits in all climatic conditions.

Inlay design in flooring

Inlay flooring at today’s market is seen as most exquisite in nature and is luxury in the flooring designs. They can be created from cement, natural stone, bronze, wood or even steel. They are kept in the right compositions to come up with delicate and modern inlay design ideas in the living room. They create and give artistic element which is in trend today breaking the usual marble floor demand. However, this is not ideal for areas which are prone to earthquake.

Rustic and Hardwood flooring

Rustic flooring idea is a practical and reality-based concept as the look can be accommodating the damage. They even look at the floor ages. This flooring idea is a classic trend as it is clever design decision and easy to update. It is simple yet elegant with the rustic wood and metallic designs. Further it is sleek as contemporary furnishings are and can give vintage look.

Natural stone

These can add natural and lovely look at home designs and can fit well to warm and hot climatic conditions. There are unlimited options with colors and grains which can suit different homes. They can further resist moisture and also stains due to hardness. The popular ones here are granite, limestone, marble, slate, and travertine.

Hand-painted flooring

Adding a traditional look at modern homes are not difficult these days. One such idea is hand painting on the flooring tiles which can add color and give unique element. They can be customized according to our tastes and is ideal for balconies and courtyards. They even work in the rooms of the home.
However, it is better not to use in bathrooms as the dampness can lead to padding hold.

Carpets and rugs

Rugs are in fashion from ancient days to present. They are there in trend and will never leave from demand in the market due to a variety of elements and designs it can offer from colors to patterns, texture to plushness. Further, with improvements in technology, there are also waterproof carpets which can be floored even in kitchens. Further, there are recycled carpets which are eco-friendly.
Keeping in mind the consumer preferences, there are several innovations and trends to stay on style.
They are specially curated for living spaces with different designs and functions along with different price points.

Given the advancements of technology and ideas, flooring ideas have also enhanced to great extent according to expectations and preferences in the market. You can even add a traditional and elegant look in the modern ideas and patterns to glam up your living space.


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