Tips to find the perfect rugs for your home online

premium rugs online

Tips to find the perfect rugs for your home online

As they say, “Home is where the heart is.” And that is one of the main reasons why we put so much of our hearts into decorating our homes. We want everything to be perfect. Perfect decor, soothing and attractive lighting, perfect cushions to go with the comfiest sofa, perfect rugs and carpets to add color to your rooms… Every single item in the house needs to be perfect and placed in a perfect setting!

When it comes to home décor, one of the most overwhelming tasks is to find the perfect rug or carpet to adorn your floors… After all its your home and it should look grand every single time you walk in through that door!
And as if finding the “perfect rugs” weren’t enough of a challenge… buying rugs online takes it on a whole new level. It has lots of pros though; like you have so many choices and options to choose from and the added benefit? You can have it customized to your liking! Isn’t that cool?And also, you get lots of information and tips from professionals in that area.

Now we know that Buying online rugs in India could take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. Firstly because the online rugs India are really very expensive and could actually burn a hole in your pocket and secondly you are trying to look for the premium handmade rugs for the price of peanut. Oh boy! Be reasonable.

Even you know the fact that nothing like this is going to happen and your dream to buy the perfect personalized rugs and carpets for your home will remain dreams only. In this article, I will give you certain tips that will help you achieve your dream to buy the premium rugs online at the best possible price.<>

Focus on the room for which you are planning to buy the premium rugs online.

Many times it happens that the premium rugs have overshadowed your mind so much that you tend to forget about the room for which you have bought the same.

Howsoever premium quality handmade rugs you purchase if it doesn’t go along the remaining furniture and the colour combination of your room it will not enhance the look.

So the key is understanding the fact that the rugs are just another player in the game of enhancing the look of your room and then hunt for the same.

Surprisingly, very soon you will come across the rug that will suit your room as well as fit in your budget.

You cannot get a Mercedes at the price of i10.

One of the biggest reason why people tend to go frustrated while shopping for premium rugs online in India is the budget. Let’s face it. The truth is most of your dream rugs are very pricey. The handmade rugs or the Persian hand-knotted rugs are going to be expensive as they are handmade and each rug takes a few months to get prepared.

Same is with the personalised rugs and carpets. So the reality check is either lower your expectation or raise your budget to achieve a break even and get your dream rug.

Make a clear mindset about the type of rug you are looking for.

With thousands of premium rugs online, there is a problem of choice. With so many rugs available online you tend to get confused what type rugs you were actually looking for your home. Any rug would actually add a softness in the area and define it better.

But still to make a better choice it is advised to clearly define the aesthetic you are looking for. For example, defining what attribute is most important for you in the rug whether it is colour or design or texture.

Narrowing down your search based on the attribute that is most important for you will help you make a better choice of the rug.

Don’t be scared to commit.

It’s not a mate or a house. It’s just a rug and so don’t be scared. The real problem that lies in choosing the premium rugs online is the price tag that it carries. It is so expensive that you tend to get scared in buying with a dilemma what if the rug doesn’t suit your space or if you are unable to maintain the same.

Most of the times the rugs look different actually when put in your space than it was anticipated. So just in case, you feel that it is not going well with your space you can simply return the same and try your luck all over again.

The catch is unless you buy one and put it in your space you will not have an idea how it will actually look.

Trust me no one has ever said in his life that he has found the perfect rug for his space in the first go and it was very cheap. Achieving all the attributes in one go that is the perfect rug that goes along beautifully with your space is found and liked in the first go and comes at a price that perfectly fits in the budget is next to impossible. So I advise you not to let the decision of hunting for the perfect rug paralyse you.

Just go for it and buy one. You truly deserve the perfect space that you love in your home and it can be easily achieved by adding a perfect rug to it.

But this will never happen unless you stop hunting and actually buying one. Only after you buy premium rugs online you will get an idea of the look and feel and also get an idea of what will go well and what isn’t working.


With this note, I close the article with the wishes that you all find your dream rug really soon.

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