Outdoor rugs

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs

What are Outdoor Rugs?

Rugs are important part of every home because they are simple things that can make your home look instantly beautiful. While indoor rugs give your living rooms and sitting areas a plush experience and cosy look, outdoor rugs too change the appearance of the patio or any outdoor sitting area.
They define an outdoor space in the best possible way to complement its beauty. Just like the indoor spaces are designed with a particular wall colour or wallpaper theme which is matched with sofa covers and rugs, the same can be done for the outdoor spaces. Match the surroundings with a rug that complements the colour scheme to give your entrance, balconies, garden areas or patio a great appearance.

Why should you choose outdoor rugs?

  • Outdoor rugs increase the beauty of outdoor spaces.
  • They bring colour and pattern into boring outdoors and make them look interesting.
  • Rugs are great options to visually divide spaces and demarcate areas.
  • These outdoor rugs also offer great luxury and comfort to the sitting area. They also protect
    the feet from heat and dust on summer days.

How should you choose outdoor rugs?

  • Always choose rugs that are made of durable material so that you invest your money in the right purchase. The material should be strong and sturdy to at least last a few years before you need to invest in another one.
  • Choose rugs that are high on comfort even if you have to pay a few extra bucks for it. It is pointless to buy rugs which do not make you feel comfortable. You should have a luxurious, comfortable feeling under your feet when you rest your feet on the rug.
  • Match your rugs with the colour scheme or décor or flooring of the house to let the beauty of the rugs stand out well against the surroundings. Choose vibrant shades and well defined patterns against plain and light coloured flooring or wall colours to highlight the beauty of the spaces.

How to take care of your outdoor rugs?

Your outdoor rugs undoubtedly look beautiful but they must be leaving you worried too. It is true that sun, rain, dust and pollution play havoc on your favourite outdoor rugs leaving them dirty and damaged. But taking care of a few things can help you lengthen the life of your rugs and keep them look like new for a long time.

  • Use a rug pad underneath

One of the best ways to save your outdoor rugs from the onslaught of dirt and pollution and save them from wear and tear and rotting is to use a rug pad underneath the outdoor rug.
These pads soak in the moisture from the rugs and prevent any rotting or mould growth in the rug. They also reduce the deposition of dirt and grime and increase the longevity of the rugs.

  • Regularly clean the outdoor rug.

Timely and regularly cleaning of the outdoor rug helps to keep it clean and save it from severe damage. Shake the rug out in the open once a week to shake off the dust. You can also use a leaf blower to suck out the deep seated dust particles. You can also vacuum clean the rugs once a week to prevent deposition of too much of dirt in the rugs. But you must make sure that the rug is completely dry before vacuum cleaning it. Also, never let any spillage sit on the rug. It can ruin the life of the rug by increasing mildew growth. Gently wash the rug by scrubbing with shampoo or mild detergent and let it dry by hanging it out in the open. If you can clean your rugs once a month, it will keep them clean and new for a long time.

  • Store rugs properly

Outdoor rugs are meant to be left in the open spaces but what’s the point of leaving them outside when they have no use? When there are no guests coming to your house or you are leaving your home locked for a long time it is no point leaving your beloved rugs to get damaged in the open weather. Roll them properly and safely tuck them away in plastic wraps to protect them well.

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