Natural Wool Rugs, the handwoven magic

Natural Woolen Rugs

Natural Wool Rugs, the handwoven magic

Why are natural woolen rugs the best choice for your home?

Rugs are those kind of home furnishing that can steal the limelight away from all furnitures, if you choose the right one. While a lot of people spend time choosing the design and look of the rug before buying it, they forget that choosing the right material for a rug is equally important. So, they end up investing in really beautiful rugs and face problems later, because not enough attention was paid to the quality.<>

That is why we always suggest that natural woolen rugs are the numero uno choice when it comes to choosing the right material for your rug. These handwoven marvels are a combination of beauty and quality. You ask why? We will give you several reasons for that.

Highly durable

Rugs are so expensive that before you buy one, you should check everything, so that you do not have to invest in another expensive rug a year later. So, when you are buying a rug, the first thing you would want from it is that it should be long-lasting. Natural woolen rugs are woven tightly on a loom and hence it is said to be one of the strongest materials for rugs. If you take good care, they can last till eternity. Other materials like nylon, acrylic etc. are going to wear out way before a fine woollen rug.

Natural wool is beautiful and there is no dearth of design options

You will find natural woolen rugs in every possible colour that exists. That is because the wool derived from sheep, as a material, beautifully absorbs all dyes and paints. That is why woollen rugs are vibrant and colourful and can instantly brighten up the space. While choosing the design that would go with the vibe of your home, you will have options like tribal patterns, southwestern styles, traditional styles, modern styles, oriental styles and so much more. So, whatever is the feel and vibe of your place, you will definitely find the right woollen rug for that. There are weavers who even customize colour programs for woollen rugs to suit any kind of colour that you are looking for.

Natural wool is easily washable and resistant to stains

When you buy a rug, you have to clean it regularly. If there is some unwanted tsain, you have to clean that too, so that it does not leave ugly patches on the rug. For most rugs, once there is a stain, that stays lifelong. The great thing about natural wool is that this material is resistant to stain and moisture. So, it is super easy to clean and maintain. You just need to vacuum it once in a while to get out all the dust particles from it. Even if there is a stain, you can simply blot it with a paper towel. Hence, the maintenance cost is pretty low. When you are investing in something expensive, that is the one thing you expect, right? That the product should be durable and low on maintenance. That way, natural woolen rugs are worth every penny that you spend on them.

They are highly sustainable

That is mainly because wool as a material is as natural as it can get and highly sustainable. Natural wool is harvested in a pretty great way. There are different sheep that are specially bred and they all grow different types of wool. As a result, the supply of wool is always replenished and you never get old, stored wool. The continuous replenishment of stock makes sure that the raw material with which the woollen rugs are made are fresh and fluffy. These specially bred sheep grow back the wool on their skin every season. As a result of all these, the woolen rugs that you get are completely natural and retain their best properties.

The problem with synthetic rugs is that they are made artificially from materials that are harmful to the environment and also to your health.

Can you think of any other material that is an all-rounder like wool? When you are spending your hard earned money, don’t you want to get the best deal out of it? Even in natural woollen rugs, there are various qualities and grades of wool and the rugs are priced according to that. So, you can choose the woollen rug for your home that suits your budget and the vibe of your home.

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