Natural textured rugs

Natural Textured Rugs

Natural textured rugs

Natural textured rugs are favorites for many. Their texture is easy to go, gives a friendly vibe and have higher durability. They are quite a practical choice to take for natural needs and uses as they do not require higher care mechanisms and are very easy to maintain. Besides, there are several styles and materials available thus making a wide choice to make from in the market.

Amongst several types of naturally textured rugs like jute, seagrass, sisal, and hemp, what to choose from. Here is a complete guide which can help you out in evaluating the pros and cons in each texture. Find out all that you need to know about natural textured rugs in this article.

What to keep in mind while looking out for natural textured rugs?

When you decide to shop for natural fiber and textured rugs, you have to think about their placement, usage and the look you want with the surroundings matching. Further, you have to also think about the requirements. You may further want darker color or stain resistant, as you wish. Places like hallways, main living rooms or family rooms will require rugs which are stain resistant and are durable. In addition, areas like the dining room or workspace at home may need comfortable going vibe to be displayed. Other spaces like bedrooms and guest living room may require those who are not difficult to maintain and softer toned ones. So as per your personal taste, you can go ahead and purchase among several materials and textures available in the market.

Jute Rugs

The jute rugs are shiny, stripped and are spun evenly while weaving. Hence they add beauty to the room. The fibers are often in natural brown shades which can be further dyed as per personal choice into other range of colors.

The advantage of Jute textured rugs are they are totally soft and almost look like wool texture. However this is not well suitable to keep in all the areas, so you may want to be placed in spaces where it is needs less maintenance. This is because these textured rugs are not as durable as others. You got to maintain these rugs through regularly vacuuming them.

Sisal Rugs

Sisal rugs are well known for durability. None other texture can beat them in this feature. They also come in a different range of colors and in earthy tones. They are great to be placed in living rooms or bedrooms as they are quite durable. Further one needs to note that this texture might be a bit slippery so avoid running on them. Further stains may be difficult to remove, so keep an eye on maintenance. Vacuum clean it regularly to remove stains on time.

Seagrass texture

This rug is incredibly water resistant and often looks like khaki. They are usually bound with materials like cotton or leather. Hence they stay put like in that place without disturbances. They are also stained resistant and are extremely durable. Hence these can be a great choice for bathrooms or kitchen spaces. As this is easy to harvest, it is well preferred by eco-friendly consumers. Further, one should note that these cannot be used outdoors.

Hemp textured rugs

Hemp is well known and prominent for several years as it is naturally durable. They are strong and quite soft to use. However, they are well known to be hard wearing and shedding, so care should be taken in maintaining them.

Given are a list of most sought natural textured rugs which are well suited for regular and daily use. Take note of them and look at what best suits your preference and color. Besides, make sure you choose right textured rugs to be placed in particular locations as per the wear and tear along with durability — nothing like these rugs adding intensity and vibe to the living spaces.

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