Indian handmade and handcrafted rugs and carpets – Designed for the West

Indian Handmade

Indian handmade and handcrafted rugs and carpets – Designed for the West

India – the land of many traditions, the epitome of rich culture and heritage, the home of artisans and craftsmen. Everything about India is eccentric in a way that attracts the outside world. Everything! And beautiful handmade and handcrafted rugs and carpets  are no different. The creativity flowing through the knots, the weaves uniting craftsmen, the patterns and designs portraying the richness of this country – no wonder the rugs and carpets India produces are so fascinating to the world.

Keeping up with the demands of the world, we bring in an exceptional collection of handmade and handcrafted rugs that showcases the excellence of our craftsmen and matches the world-class taste. We are instrumental in bringing forth a comfortable and warm assortment of handmade floor coverings. We use premium quality of fabric and wool, known for the extensive flexibility in designing these masterpieces (allowing the right mix of design, colour and pattern). Our skilled craftsmen and artisans from the rural part of the country craft the pieces keeping in mind the latest market trends along with the taste of the consumer. Weeks and months are spent in putting the right pieces together at steady temperaments, tufting and weaving patterns knot by knot, inch by inch, with no room for the slightest imperfection. The idea is never drift from the old world charm while matching the lifestyle of modern households. It’s all contemporary.

Our exclusive collection is checked on the counts of its texture, finish and comfort level. And if you question as to what sets us apart? Well we would most definitely vouch for the experience we offer our customers. Our valued clients can avail these rugs from us in various alluring design, colours and patterns at affordable prices. The key is customization. We invest time and effort to aware our clients what they are buying. We guide them what to look for when buying a new or antique master piece – the type of wool, the weave type, knots and even the hooks of how to make it long lasting (keeping for generations). Customer satisfaction is above all and we live up to it proficiently. Here’s a glimpse of our exclusive collection:

CHARM – Keeping the worldly charm intact, this range is especially for those who prefer light accessories that make significant difference. One can match the hue (Available in Silver, Mint and Ice shades) with the mood of the space and surround. Oh what a charm!

JOY – This range brings joy to the mundane space. With dash of vibrant colours (Graphite, Wine Blue, Sea Blue, White and Brown), the much needed oomph and joy in these quirky shades of ribbed designer rugs is sure to turn any space into a haven of happiness.

CROSSLEY – Clean knitted and handcrafted in 100% New Zealand wool, this range is perfect for any living room and any commercial space. Even better!

LUXE – What’s home accessories without a bit of luxury. One can enjoy the softness of pure wool with this range which is handcrafted with a twist of viscose sheen. The neutral yet classy shades (Ivory, Charcoal and Pewter) offer opulence to any room, any space and anywhere else you put them in.

NORDIC – As the collection name suggests, this range is especially created to give a tribute to Nordic design culture. The supersoft New Zealand wool is purely Scandinavian and the authenticity it brings along is complete magic.

REGAL – Classic can never go out of style – they always fit in the trend, time and frame. This cut-pile velvetty construction is one such collection to fall for. Made with the highest grade Austrian tencel, this offers an amazing sheen and glares which stays through generations. Just like its name.

BEL AIR – Braids are forever and handwoven braided craft is one of the favorites among the flooring maestros. No matter the space, the weather range, indoor or outdoor, BEL AIR mixes with any air and oh so well! The secret lies in the polyster blend we use – it’s 100%. The shades (Oyster, Midnight and Charcoal) are cool too. Just put them up at any corner and it will take the centre stage! Even by the pool.

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