How to transform your room with area rugs?

What Are Area Rugs?

How to transform your room with area rugs?

What Are Area Rugs?

Area rugs are considered an essential part of interior decoration of any modern home. Gone are the days of wall to wall carpeting as it is both cost and labour intensive to install or clean. Area rugs are better options as they cover only a specific portion of the floor and can be easily cleaned or replaced whenever you feel like.

If they seem boring or mismatched with your present décor, you can always replace it with a new one to transform the look of the room immediately. People have thus rapidly shifted to beautiful area rugs for their living rooms and bedrooms for smart styling of their homes. Patterned or designed area rugs are beautiful to look at. They can define certain areas of the house and appear as a decorative element making the room aesthetically pleasing to people. Adding a colourful rug can make a boring room suddenly become very attractive to look at. These serve as cost effective and easy ways to change the look of the room.

How to choose area rugs?

The first thing to consider is the size of the rug.

An area rug must fit under all the furniture in the room or the area you are considering to cover under the rug. If not the whole furniture,then at least the front legs of the furniture must be on top of the rug. For instance, if you are choosing an area rug for the dining space then the entire rug must fit under the table and the chairs. The chair should be on the rug even when pulled out. Similarly, if you are choosing a rug for the bedroom, it should be wide enough to fit equally on both sides of the bed. You surely wouldn’t want to get up and step on cold floor in the morning, would you?

Experiment with shapes

If you choose to be different, you can experiment a bit with shapes. For instance, a well-designed round area rug is a beautiful way to define the space around a round coffee table. These small additions let you explore the beauty of your homes.

Go for different colourful area rugs

You should always go for colourful area rugs as they add definition to area you want to cover. Not only does a dash of colour look inviting but also heightens the appeal of the room even though it is quite simple and unadorned.

Go for bright blues and reds or burnt browns and oranges to add some life to the room. Also choose colours of area rugs according to the room you are selecting it for. The living room must have the brightest rugs to make it inviting for guests while the bedroom must have a subtle and subdued colour of rug to contribute to the peaceful ambience. Deep blues or beige rugs with light patterns look beautiful in the bedroom.

Never shy away from prints and patterns.

If you are thinking of changing the look of your homes now and then, you can have quite a few patterned or printed rugs in your stock. Investing in innovative rugs can save you other costs of redecorating your rooms now and then. You can just replace the old rug with the new one to give it a new definition as per your mood. For instance, a floral patterned rug can make the perfect décor for spring and summer months.

An embroidered or heavily designed one can be laid out during house parties or festive occasions. You can also keep area rugs coordinated with your cushion sets in the living room for some added decorative appeal.

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