How to Maintain Your Rugs?

maintenance tips for rugs

How to Maintain Your Rugs?

Follow the tips to make your rugs look like new.

A textile floor covering of which the upper layer is generally made up of wool. However as wool is expensive, in the 20th century a trend has come up to use nylon, polyester or polypropylene to prepare the rugs. This increases the durability of the rugs as well as saves in the cost. Most of the time the people do not understand the difference between rugs and carpets and use them interchangeably, but this is not correct. Though the manufacturing process and look of both rugs and carpets are the same there is a considerable difference. Carpet is the one that covers the complete house while rugs are of a much smaller size and do not even cover the complete room. They do not touch the wall end to end and are not even attached to the floor. The decorative rugs are used to enhance the show of the room and to protect one’s feet from cold flooring while getting down from the bed.</>

Most of the time people are averse of using the premium rugs to decorate their home, the simple reason being they collect a lot of dust and are difficult to maintain. In this article, we will give you some simple tips which will help you to maintain your premium rugs and make them look new.

Tips to maintain your rugs

Vacuuming on the area rugs on a regular basis

A regular vacuuming of the area rugs will ensure that the dust is not piled up in the rugs and will be easily extracted from the same. This will extend the lifespan of the rug and make them look like new.
However, care must be taken that the high powered rotating brush is not used on the rug. This will ensure that the fringe and pile of your premium rug is not damaged over a long run. This is because the fringe of the rug is very delicate and it might get caught between the rollers of the rotating brush causing permanent damage over a long run.

Cleaning of the rugs regularly

Don’t let the dirt and the stains to be evident before them for cleaning. Make a habit of cleaning your rugs on a regular basis at least once a year by professional cleaners. The more you will let the dirt and microorganisms pile up in the rug the more difficult it will be to remove them completely and restoring
that premium look of your rugs.

Attending the stains immediately

The thumb rule of maintaining the rugs in a long run is to attend the stains immediately. If there is some spillage on the rug you should immediately wipe it off with a clean cloth. The longer the spillage stays on the rugs they greater are the chances of it leaving a permanent mark on the rug.
If the stain cannot be removed completely you must seek immediate help of the professional cleaners.

Using the DIY carpet cleaning products with caution

There are a lot of DIY carpet cleaning products available in the market that promote themselves as giving the rugs the premium look at home. Though these products are effective one must be really cautious with its use as they contain strong chemicals which might not be healthy for your premium rugs and prove damaging instead. Whenever using a DIY product for cleaning the rug, thumb rule is, to begin with the hidden corners and test whether it is safe for your rug or not before you apply on your complete rugs.

Handling the fringe on the home décor rugs

The fringe is the most delicate portion of the rug. Many people are under an impression that the fringe needs to be cleaned thoroughly and use chlorine and other strong chemicals to make the fringe of the rug look white and bright. However, chlorine is very strong for your rugs to handle and tend to weaken the fringe on the rug and make them go brittle over a period of time. Even the chlorine content in the water used for mopping the floor can prove damaging for the rugs. Hence it is advisable that the rugs are removed from the floor before mopping and is placed back only after the floor is completely dry.

Protecting the Indoor rugs from direct sun exposure

The indoor rugs can fade away over a period of time due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Hence it is advisable that the rugs should not be exposed to the direct sun. Lower the blinds so that the rug is not exposed to the direct sun and rotate the rugs at least twice every year so that there is an even distribution of the possible colour changes of the rug. The aforesaid are the few tips that will help in maintaining your premium rugs look like new for a longer period of time.

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