How to choose hand knotted carpets?

hand knotted carpets

How to choose hand knotted carpets?

What Are Hand Knotted Carpets?

Hand knotted carpets are the cream layer of the carpets available in the market. These are rare, tough to make and the best ones may cost you a fortune. They take a lot of time to be made as the entire work is done manually by the weaver. A hand knotted carpet is woven by hands that have got skilled by years of experience. The beautiful artwork that is created is truly a masterpiece to behold.

How are handmade rugs made?

Handmade rugs are made out of knots tied by the weaver. The greater the number of knots, the finer is the quality of the carpet. The vertical threads are known as the warp and they are tied on to a specially made loom operated by hand. The horizontal threads are called the weft and these intertwine with the warp threads to create the knots.

These knots are tied by the weaver, cut and tied again to create the foundation of the carpet. On an average, a skilled weaver can tie one knot in 2 seconds and 10,000 knots in a day. You can very well imagine the precision and labour that goes into making one sprawling carpet. So basically, you pay for this time and effort put in by the craftsman in making this masterpiece that can become your family heirloom. The method of creating a hand knotted carpet is purely traditional and has been running in the same way for centuries. The minute intricacy of this artistry and the meticulous attention that is paid to each and every detail is truly marvellous.

How to choose handmade carpets?

Choosing hand knotted carpets is not at all an easy task. If you are not an expert on rugs or carpets, it is very easy to get tricked into buying an artificially made one and that too at a greater price. Or you may be tempted into buying an artificial one in the name of original if you go by the price tags. Here are some valuable tips to understand if you are investing in a real hand knotted carpet.

  • Don’t get fooled by the prices

It is a given fact that works of art will cost you more. Anything that is made by hand is costlier than ones made by machine because of the time and effort involved. But if you compare both, you will understand that the price you are paying for the costlier one is worth every penny. So first and foremost, do not get fooled by sellers who claim that they are selling original handmade carpets at a low price.

  • Check whether you are buying hand knotted carpets or hand tufted ones

Hand knotted carpets and hand tufted carpets are not the same. Often, customers are fooled into buying hand tufted ones in the name of original handmade carpets. Hand tufted carpets are made on a stencil canvas to trace the design. A tufting gun is used to punch the yarn into the design that is being traced and does not require much time of labour. This brings down both the quality as well as the price. On the other hand, hand knotted carpets are made by hand from scratch and each knot is tied by hand by the weaver.

It is hard to understand the difference for a novice. One good way to identify is to flip the rug and carefully examine the knots. A handmade rug will always have uneven knots as manual labour can make all knots appear the same. The unevenness gives it its real beauty which is missing in the uniformity of the machine made ones.

  • Check the material

Handmade rugs are only made of natural fibre like wool or silk and the natural warmth, softness and sheen of the fibres contribute to the amazing result at the end. They will never be made from any artificial or synthetic material like nylon, polyester or polypropylene. Similarly, an artificial rug can never be made out of natural fabrics as machine cannot withstand the softness and delicateness of natural fibres.

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