How to buy rugs online?

how to buy rugs online

How to buy rugs online?

Online shopping has almost replaced manual shopping from stores and has its set of both advantages and disadvantages. But when you are shopping something like rugs, purchasing online can be tricky. While trained eyes can see and feel the quality while holding a rug in the hands, those options are cut off when you are virtually seeing and purchasing an item. Not only will it be difficult to understand whether the rug you are buying is a machine made one or a handmade one, it will also be difficulty to judge the quality of the material. However, like there are solutions for every problem online, this small guide can help you to make a wise choice while buying rugs online.


Measure your room and determine the size of the rug you would need since you cannot physically see the size of the rug you are purchasing. Be clear about the length of a rug you would be needing and check the specifications of the rugs you are viewing online to avoid purchasing a rug that is too big or too small for the room.


While looking for rugs online do not go through the designs only. There is much more to inspect rather than just the look of the rug. Check the specifications thoroughly or ask for details if absent. This section will have the name of the material used for the rug. The price will depend upon the material of the rug you are purchasing. Natural fibres cost more while artificial silk or nylon made ones are inexpensive. If you are looking for cheap, synthetic rugs you can easily get them online. But do not be fooled into buying synthetic ones by overlooking the specifications if you are especially searching for jute, silk or woollen rug. Jute rugs are good for balconies or porches while expensive silk ones should be used in low traffic areas like your bedroom. Silk ones are very delicate and should be handled with extra care. Woollen ones are the softest and warmest. Choose according to the room or purpose you are buying.</>

Knot count

Knot count refers to the number of knots in the rug per square inch. The more the number of knots, the better is the quality. You can find good quality rugs from 200 knots to 2000 knots per square inch. Rugs with more than 2000 knots per square inch are high quality, expensive handmade rugs that have taken a long, long time to be made.

Needle count

The needle count of the rug determines its durability. It is the number of loops of the yarn that makes the rug. The more the needle count, the better is the quality of the rug. It makes it more durable.

Compare products

Since you can’t physically handle the products to judge the best one, you need to compare products online before you finalize. At times, some brands sell products at a higher price after buying them from other sources. You can get fooled by the brand name they use for the product. If you are careful enough to determine the right product you can get the same thing for a lesser price online. Retailers like Rugs USA sell rugs at a cheaper rate than most brands selling the same products. However, there are also several budget friendly brands which offer you great products at the best prices.

Check the prices

The price of a rug depends hugely upon its production. A machine made rug is inexpensive because it is made with the help of a machine and takes very less time to make. On the other hand, a handmade rug is made manually from scratch by the weaver and takes a lot of time and effort. Naturally, these are very expensive and far more beautiful. You can choose rugs online based on your budget. It is better to go for an authentic handmade one if you are planning to invest in a rug that will be a part of your home for decades. Though it is true that some brands cheat customers by levying a higher price tag, the original price of the product may also be a sign of its authenticity. A handmade rug can never be available at the price of a machine made one because of the sheer time and effort that goes into making it. There is a huge difference in price of both due to this factor. Do not get fooled into buying an artificially made rug thinking it to be a handmade Persian rug.

Zoom in on the pictures

Most websites selling products have images that you can zoom in on. Check all the images available of the product from all angles and corners to inspect the item properly before buying. It is better to see the fringes and the reverse side as well to determine the authenticity of the rug. A handmade rug will always have uneven knots and little human errors that get caught when you zoom in on the reverse side image.


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