Home Interior Ideas – Minimal is trending

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Home Interior Ideas – Minimal is trending

Minimal design is aesthetically pleasing, minimal design carries the ‘less is more’ ethos, minimal design catches the eye, minimum design pays attention to every detail. And the good news is minimalism is catching on! It has already found its audience among the millenials who live and love the de-cluttered, minimalist lifestyle. Gone are the days of accented pieces, space blocking big shelves or over dramatic decorations. The trend is to keep things simple yet stylish. Now if you can relate to the idea, this blog posts is most definitely for you. We will share with you few home interior ideas that will help you attain the same. Read on!

Choose your platter – Colour on your walls and floors plays an important role in bringing the overall aesthetic of minimalism. Pop of bright colours in white spaces has been a long white washed trend. Go creative with colours and lots of it! Combine bright colours and prints to create a fun, lively look. Alternatively you can enhance the feeling of simplicity with a monochromatic scheme. The whole idea is to make your colour stand out, not shout out though!<>

Bring home nature – This is quite common among plant lovers. But if you haven’t yet tried the green way, we can suggest an easy way. Bringing nature into your home by keeping plants inside is an interior design trend that has caught on and been around for a while now, yet it is still growing in popularity. If you are thinking of excessive maintenance, let’s assure you, there are plenty of plants that require little to no maintenance, like succulents and air plants.

Boho is back and you should totally welcome it – Good and accepted style has its own way of doing a comeback and boho is no different. Boho interior design elements are on trend again. And if we have to pick just a few classic boho elements for you that would be – leather furniture, lots of plants (go green), vintage rugs (take a cue from our collection), and eclectic accents. Boho brings that perfect vibes of minimalism adding a class to it.

Switch to Vintage – Vintage light including scones, new age lanterns, modern day chandeliers are super in as retro fixtures meets modern day technology. Vintage fixtures are often better-made than new fixtures. They add a certain ‘quotient’ to the area they are put up. A quick tip that’s going to save your pocket – try to pick these from online shopping platforms. They are easy to find and you can just purchase the latest that’s trending.

Add comfort and class to your Sofa – It’s that eccentric furniture of your home that gives comfort to everybody! Think of your guests, or when you get back home after a hard day’s work or think about your pet – all find comfort in the mighty piece of furniture in your living room. So invest on a good, sturdy, heavily tufted sofa-cum-bed (part of the minimalism) that makes its presence known. For all those who already have a irreplaceable one, throw some emerald green, blue hue or any other jewel tone cover to it that can instantly brighten up the room!

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