Handmade Carpet Trends 2019

Handmade carpets trend 2019

Handmade Carpet Trends 2019

When you are in need of carpets to give a stylish touch to your homes, investing in handmade carpets is a smart choice owing to the rich aesthetic beauty, durability, love-for-art woven into precision, and the absolute value for money. Handmade items always have an edge over machine made ones because of the simple human touch and creativity that go into the making of these products.

Handmade carpets look a class apart because of the manual labour that goes into creating them. These artistic decor items also in the current trend for interior layouts. So, here is all you need to know about the most popular handmade carpet trends for 2019.

What are handmade carpets?

In case of handmade carpets, knots of the rugs are inserted and tied by hand by the weaver who uses a specialized hand-loom. These are very difficult to make and may take months to be created and are thus, very special items that can never go out of fashion. No matter what interior decoration trend comes in vogue, your carpets are going to outlast them all. On one hand, they can be passed on as heirlooms and on the other hand, they are very much in fashion in contemporary times.

Trendy textures and styles for 2019

Handmade carpets come in a variety of textures with unique designs that will help you to redecorate your homes in 2019 in an innovative way.

  • Cut and loop carpets

Cut and loop carpets create unique flooring patterns and textures which are right now very trendy. These carpets have contrasting textures which you can feel on touch and these contrasts help to create interesting patterns for your floors.

  • Frieze carpets

Frieze carpets are those where each part of the carpet is twisted several times to create this special effect. These carpets are soft to touch and are very popular in 2019.

  • Tile carpets

Gone are the days when carpets meant huge and bulky things that were difficult to carry, install and change when damaged. These tile carpets have completely changed the world of flooring options as they fit easily like jigsaw puzzles. This makes them very easy to install as well as change when one part of the carpet gets a stain or gets damaged. For instance, a stain or spillage on one corner of the carpet does not mean that you need to take out the entire carpet for washing. Just replace the tile or take it out for washing and place it back

  • Pattern textured carpets

Another great choice for 2019 would be to go for patterned textures. Instead of the same plain carpets, try something new with bright floral patterns spread all over the floor. You can also go for some abstract art patterns for your carpets to give your living room an artsy feel and make it look impressive. Checks and geometric patterns too will survive the new trend.

Trendy colour options for carpets in 2019

Bright and bold colours
No longer do carpets need to look dull and boring. People are now opting for bold and bright colour options to make a statement for their houses. If you are choosing carpets for the entire floor, a bright colour that contrasts with the shade of the walls makes the room look pretty interesting. Moreover, if you are looking for smaller rugs for the rooms, try some interestingly bold colours to bring a striking contrast to the room and highlight your favourite sections. Bright corals, purples and reds will be great choices for a lively 2019.

There is nothing more soothing than staring at the colour blue. It is the hue of the sky and the oceans and helps to give us a feeling of calmness and relaxation. Turning the floors blue can make the home look even more soothing. Carpets in various shades of blue have always been popular and still continue to be in trend.

Subdued colours
Light and subdued colours like shades of browns, gray or natural wood colours are very much in trend these days and will always be. These colours make the house look contemporary and sophisticated and provide you a range of options to match the colour scheme of your homes.

So what did you think about our take on the latest handmade carpet trends of 2019? Do let us know!


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