DIY Office design with Exquisite Office Rugs

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DIY Office design with Exquisite Office Rugs

A Perfect office rug can brighten up the overall ambience of your office. An office rug is like the final puzzle piece for your office décor, it ties up your whole office decor. Placement of rug is very important, you certainly don’t want to place it at the wrong place and compromise the overall look as well as the functionality of your workspace. A rightly placed office rug not only soothes your mood it also makes your working space attractive and functional. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to bring about your office interior and to find suitable office rug in order to give your office a unique identity and style.

Interior designing is not an easy task, whether you’re decorating your little home office or personal workspace (cubical),decorating or designing offices is different from home décor.For Office Interior Designing you have to keep the following factors in your mind:

What kind of business you’re in?

It’s important to keep in mind the kind of business you’re in because you have to design your office accordingly; if you’re in a creative business like an Ad agency, event planning, and photography, be creative with your designing and try to use colours very creatively. You can buy office rugs like Color Pops or Medieval Magic, the premium range of rugs from the house of Pura Vida carpets.


Recommended by many interior designers a product like Color Pops will brighten your space and it creates a charming and vibrant yet effortless effect at your working space. If you like something more creative and wants to give a unique and distinctive style which also express your thought process pick Medieval Magic which is a perfect office rug for you. A bohemian style which emits warmth and the beautiful colour scheme so beautifully to your working space, Express yourself through these small details of your office decors, creativity and minimalistic design will give a soothing ambience, which will surely impress your clients too.

Office design is more of psychology rather than just designing, the design also symbolizes your thought process, having a capricious designed office shows that you are light-hearted and fun loving kind of person. Creativity in designing also helps you to convince the client about your capability as a creator if you’re in a creative business, it will leave a good impression on your clients.

Keep your Clients in your Mind

Clients are very important for any business and while designing you have to keep that thing in mind that it should also be functional.

  • Try to invest your money in timeless furniture rugs and art pieces – yes we customize at Pura Vida. The minimalistic look & feel adds a modern classic touch as well as consistency décor. Keep your office décor consistence and minimalistic, so that your visiting clients will feel at ease every time they visit your office. You can invest in a product like Modern Braid from the house of Pura Vida carpets. Personally, I think this product is timeless, classy and comfy; you can place this rug in the busiest areas of your office, in order to add subtlety in your office décor.
  • You definitely want to give your client proper sitting spaces, which should also be professional and comfy. Don’t try to make the sitting space crowded or busy, try to place your small knick-knacks away from the sitting area and be minimalistic with furniture and carpets, so sitting space feels roomy and comfy.
  • Try to buy of office rugs, which are subtle because if you’re in more formal business like lawyers, doctors and consultation services, try to bring a gravitas in your office décor, because you don’t want to give any wrong indication to your clients about your persona by placing colorful rugs and carpets and other home decorative pieces in your offices.

Quick Tip

While designing your office, always start with rugs, because a rug is a large investment in comparison other Knick knacks, find an office rug which you love and then build your office design your around it, then you invest in other things like furniture, painting and arts. In case, you are planning to do it all by yourself – feel free to connect with our rug experts for customizations.

Environment and Space

Busy Spaces: Some people like to work in a busy environment, their brain thrives in a busy environment, if you’re that kind of person, go into small detailing with small artefacts and other knick-knacks, but always use simple rug while designing your office to balance out the chaos. You can opt simple fusion rug to give a unique touch to your office floor, with this Floor Finish by PURA VIDA Carpets.

Neat and Clean Look: Some people like to work in a sleek and neat environment, they cannot focus and find small Knick-Knack distracting, so to give a neat and clean look to your office, the first step is to get rid from extraneous Knick-Knacks and buy office rugs which are subtle looking and furniture too, don’t go with fancy, buy something classy and timeless in order to give a cleaner and minimalistic look to your office.

Light and Airy: Personally I love the natural lighting in my office; it saves energy as well give soothing visibility in the office. To effectively increase the lighting, you should opt for the lighter and white stuff. Keep window exposed so natural light comes in, or go with lighter curtains, Use clear mirror furniture and reflective floor so light strike it and bounce in your office and make it beautiful and vibrant all over the space. Use light office Rugs which don’t weigh down the vibrancy of your office space. Like this Cuddle Blocks which give premium and airy look to your office.

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