Difference between Rugs and Carpets

Difference Between Rugs and Carpets

Difference between Rugs and Carpets

As a general notion, people use the terms carpets and rugs interchangeably. And though the feel and texture of both the rugs and the carpets are the same there is a world of a difference between rugs and carpets. Both the rugs and carpets online are a great option to buy but your purpose will not be fulfilled unless you search for the correct term online. In this article we will try to emphasize the difference between rugs and carpets along with the utility of both with their pros and cons.


Rugs are an artistic way of covering the wood, tile or cement flooring adding style to the same. Due to the same reason the rugs have become an integral part of the home interior ideas. Most of the interior decorators uses the customised rugs or handmade rugs to add class to your home. The rugs are intended to cover a specific area of the floor such as the dining or the living room or the kitchen. The following are the pros and cons of the home décor rugs.


  • Rugs being smaller in size can be easily washed, dried in the sun and moved from one place to another.
  • With the home décor rugs in place one can still choose to have a hardwood or a tile flooring.


  • When compared to the wall to wall carpets, the handmade rugs carry a tripping hazard with them as one may slip from them.
  • When an elderly person trips from the rugs then the event can be life-threatening.


The carpets usually extend through the whole flooring and are marked from wall to wall. Just like rugs one can even have handmade carpets and custom carpets but looking to the area that it covers its price is going to be exorbitantly high. The following are the pros and cons of having the carpets in your home.


  • The wall to wall carpets are slip and trip resistant and gives a greater grip especially to the people of
    old age.
  • The carpeting gives warmth and cushioning beneath the feet precisely when it even has a memory foam pad installed beneath it.
  • You can choose from a variety of rugs and carpets online from the different types of pile, neutral
    colour carpeting which will aid in creating a sense of cohesion in the space.


  • Due to the chemicals used in installation of the carpets, it may take several months for the offensive chemical smell to fade away.
  • Cleaning of the carpets is a real task and it required a lot of time and energy in cleaning.
  • The carpets may develop wear patterns on the areas treaded heavily which might take even more
    time to clean.

Difference between rugs and carpets.

  1. The basic difference between rugs and carpets is the size. While the rugs are area specific, the carpets are generally installed wall to wall in the complete area.
  2. Apart from the size another major difference between rugs and carpets is the installation. Where
    the rugs are easy to install and change places as and when required the carpets needs professional help
    for installation.
  3. After the carpet is installed the flooring underneath is not visible. However in the rugs the flooring is
    very much visible and it can even be moved for cleaning purpose.
  4. The carpets are mostly machine made and tend to be thicker in size. While the rugs are mostly machine made and are available even in thinner materials giving them a classy look.
  5. Rugs are very delicate and more expensive. Carpets are generally rough and tuff and comparatively
  6. Only select designs and patterns are available in carpets. While the rugs come in numerous designs,
    patterns, colours and sizes.
  7. Carpets are treated with stain resistant chemicals and thus get lesser stains. The rugs on the other
    hand are not treated with stain resistant chemicals and this the stains once made on the rugs are
    difficult to be removed of not attended immediately.
  8. Rugs can pass on from generation to generation as you can take them along with you while shifting
    the home. However the same is not possible in case of carpets as they are fixed with the flooring with
    adhesive and will get damaged if tried to remove and cannot be reused.

Thus the aforesaid are the various differences between the rugs and carpets and it is not correct to use them interchangeably.

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