Custom Rugs: The new trend in interior design

Custom Rugs: The new trend in interior design

When homeowners decide to invest on rugs to lend that warm, cozy feel to their interiors, one of the most common questions they ask is, what size of rug should I get? Well, the best answer to this query is — invest in a customized rug. When you order a rug that is personalized according to your specifications rather than purchasing one directly off the shelves, you will arrive at the perfect size and desired specifications in terms of patterns, designs, and materials.

Why Customization is preferred by the Interior Designers and Architects?

Custom Rugs

Currently, even interior designers and architects are opting for custom rugs and the reasons for this are many. Custom rugs are also a preferred choice among the current generation. For compact urban pads, one can use rugs to lend a cozy feel. Again, geometrical, angular patterns bring in a contemporary touch — ideal for defining modern interiors. You can even experiment with various types of decors using custom rugs. Nowadays, even new age parents want theme based rooms for their guests or kids. Living rooms, seating areas, as well as outdoor terraces can be given more definition with custom rugs. On the other hand, if you own a cafe or a restaurant, you should know that interior decor ideas for hospitality businesses are increasingly becoming theme-oriented — a look that can come together beautifully with custom rugs.

Benefits of custom rugs

You get personalized rugs in numerous options when it comes to shapes and sizes so that you can fit the rug snugly in the targeted space. You can choose from a gamut of colors and designs, and get the perfect look that you had imagined. You can even curate the finishing of the rugs, ranging from cost-effective binding to luxurious fringing, as per your budget.

Custom Rugs

Exact fit and size

When you purchase a rug that fits around the exact width, length, and shape of your room, you avoid the incomplete feel that might otherwise come with a readymade rug. Again, when you already have furniture and decorations in your room, it is a good idea to bring in a rug that complements the existing interior layout. The final arrangement will look not only attractive but shall also radiate a cohesive, neat outlook.


Custom rugs are weather-specific. You will be able to go for the ideal thermal resistance (R-value) that you want in your new rug. For instance, if you live in a cold region, you need to choose a material with a higher R-value. In warmer places, you can opt for a lower R-value.


There is this myth that customized things come with a heavy price tag. However, when you source them from the right manufacturer, you will get a premium-quality rug at a great price. What’s more? Custom rugs keep your home warm. Hence, you save a lot on heating bills.

Personalizes rooms as per your style

In fact, a customized rug can effortlessly transform any room, altering its mood and appearance. It is versatile and a complete multi-tasker, concealing imperfections and making your space look chic. For instance, if your room has dark hardwood or laminate floors, you can throw in a runner rug or a patterned rug to bring in the illusion of airiness and light. Again, when your hall has dark walls and furniture, place a large rug in light shades. For example, a custom rug in simple orange or blue accents with an eye-catching geometric pattern will brighten up your entire home.

Added softness and texture

Rugs give a soft, luxurious surface underfoot. You can use them to define areas, match the existing color scheme, or add them as an accent or tie in your current shades. Again, you may also choose different personalized designs for changing seasons — one for winter, summer, or spring. Go for a graphic design for added texture or rustic patterns to lend a theatrical feel, which can be enhanced by a soft hue on the wall or a print on the curtains and home textiles.
Rugs can be customized to offer a more cushion as a base for your footsteps, thereby minimizing slips, falls, and injuries. You can place an order for a custom rug that comes with liners, which ensures that the rug is firmly in place.

Custom rugs are simply beautiful works of art. If you find that they are a bit expensive for your budget, go for the layering option. Place a neutral colored rug in the right size across your room and then put a smaller size rug over it. A cost-effective and fun way, custom rugs showcase the latest trends in your home décor. And you can put them anywhere — even on a carpet.


Custom Rug Manufacturers in Indiacustom rugs

In India, there are several talented custom rug manufacturers, spread across the country. There are the skilled weavers of Bikaner, who have worked as traditional rug manufacturers for over 6 decades. Spanning over three generations of rug manufacturers and a third-generation focused on customized luxury solutions to the hospitality and interior decoration, you can satisfy all your custom rug needs from these artists.

Customization Process at Pura Vida Carpets

At Pura Vida Carpets, we offer customization options, both in terms of new and existing rugs. You can personalize your carpet, based on the construction of the rug, which can be hand-knotted, hand-woven, hand-loomed, or hand-tufted. Again, dimensions are another factor we consider. There are no limitations to the size — however large or small you want it, we will curate it and deliver. Additionally, you can also specify your design options and color palettes. We deal in a gamut of yarns, including wool, natural silk, viscose, lyocell, hemp, linen, jute, PET, or any custom blend as per your specifications. Other custom options include the pile height of the rug or the washing method, which can be shampoo, oxidized heavy oxidized, antique, or herbal. Finally, you can even specify the finishing of the rug (plain, embossed, or 3D) and request for personalized packaging options.

So what do you think? Is not getting a custom rug the best idea to up your room decor? They are practical, versatile, and beautiful and serve as the perfect addition to any home.

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