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Indian Handmade

Indian handmade and handcrafted rugs and carpets – Designed for the West

India – the land of many traditions, the epitome of rich culture and heritage, the home of artisans and craftsmen. Everything about India is eccentric in a way that attracts the outside world. Everything! And beautiful handmade and handcrafted [...]

Types of weaving

Weaving in India: Types and Patterns

India has a rich history of weaving. One can see the woven fabrics and diverse nature of weaving techniques through variety of forms of handlooms and textiles available in the country. Weaving in India is nothing but the process and [...]

home interior ideas

Home Interior Ideas – Minimal is trending

Minimal design is aesthetically pleasing, minimal design carries the ‘less is more’ ethos, minimal design catches the eye, minimum design pays attention to every detail. And the good news is minimalism is catching on! It has already found its [...]