Area Rugs for Hospitality Industry

Area Rugs

Area Rugs for Hospitality Industry

Hospitality industry is all about giving your customers a sense of comfort and wellbeing at all times. And besides, the many aspects that need to be considered in order to deliver the best of experience to customers, the interiors, the design, the aesthetic is considered as the most important. They must meet the high expectations of a tasteful clientele, and they are under observation at all times. And when it comes to interiors, who can ignore floor coverings. Be it restaurants, hotels, conference rooms, lounges, outdoors, poolside etc., rugs and carpets not only uplifts a given space but provides the ultimate comfort when it comes to covering the floors.

The Aesthetic Appeal

We specialize in creating tasteful and durable carpets keeping in mind the needs and requirements of hospitality industry. Making a difference and complimenting the space is what we excel in. Colours that suit the personality of the space, patterns that compliment the other accessories of the space, and all weather rugs that make them long lasting – we provide the right floor coverings that can transform the feel of the place, adding the much needed sophistication to the area. Our rugs are hand-crafted which delivers intricate designs and complex textures beautifully – one that can add the much needed essence and eccentricity. Durability, elegance, and eco-friendliness tops our criteria suiting ones commercial as well as environmental requirement. The rugs we bring in are free from wear and tear for long and fitting the style quotient.

The Customized Quotient

Isn’t luxury a part of guests pampering? Sure is. So why not offer the maximum luxury through floor work. And the best way to achieve the taste, perception, the space the speaks your eccentricity is through customization. We leave no stone unturned to add glamour and extravagance to your need. A customized covering provides so much more than simple flooring. It can help you carry out a unifying theme, it can bring out the mood of separate spaces, it can help you express the personality or history of a space, your space. The choice is yours. We offer comprehensive choices to achieve your vision of the space in unexpected ways! From mid-range projects where custom wall-to-wall designs are desired, to grandeur solution without the constraint of budget to cost-effective approaches in the lesser-used areas, we provide them all.

High or low – we got you covered

Importance of floor covering, the beauty and sophisticated factor, uplifting a space – all these factors are understood. But what else should you consider – your space. That’s right. Whether you choose hand-knotted, durable, soil resistance, eco-friendly, one thing you have to keep in mind when choosing a hospitality rug is the nature of the space you are designing – is it a high-end, or more casual space? But no matter the space, we have got you covered. For instance, if you’re designing for a five-star hotel or top-of-the-line restaurant, there’s no question, your client will foremost look for the aesthetic. This doesn’t just mean choosing just the best material for the space but this means telling a story with your design choices and creating an experience that’s unique – and our craftsmen do complete justice to this requirement. The designs they create, the culture they pour to it creating a truly unique experience – both visually and texturally can totally bring out the space you want! It’s even possible to order custom designs as small as 4 x 4 metres, enabling individualisation of the smaller things, like guest rooms in a boutique hotel. Like we say, no matter the space, we got your taste covered.

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