Area Carpets: A Brief Introduction

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Area Carpets: A Brief Introduction

are floor coverings, usually textile-based, that cover a part of your finished floor surface. They do not extend wall-to-wall and you can place them to highlight a certain space –such as beneath your dining table, sofa set, or simply at the center of your living room.

You can find area carpets in a gamut of choices to match your interiors. Some common types are hand-crafted rugs, super soft cut-pile rugs, cut and loop rugs, flatweave rugs, cut pile rugs, loop pile rugs, oriental rugs, kilim rugs, and floor cloths.

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Area carpets enhance the accent and texture of your interiors, unite existing colors, and lend a comfortable feel to your room. You can place them on floorings with a hard surface. Sometimes, you may use them as artwork for your walls decor.

How do area carpets beautify your home?

It is always a good idea to invest in a good, premium-quality area carpet. The best places where you can spread an area rug are usually your living and family rooms. If you have the luxury of an open terrace, you may choose to put outdoor area rugs here as well.

Area Rugs

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Area carpets not only offer comfort to tired feet but they also lend a warm, welcoming feeling to your house. Moreover, their colors, patterns, and textures serve as striking decorative elements. You can add them to enhance the artwork on your floor, create a frame to place furniture, and demarcate spaces.

Use area rugs to create variety or harmony or play around with shapes to add diversity. You may even use them to dress up your walls or to create a focal point. Bright shades and patterns on area carpets bring in that much-required playfulness into a room. Don’t shy away from choosing bright colors and vivid designs.

One great idea is to play with layering. If you already have a wall-to-wall plain carpet, you can throw in a patterned rug over it. Additionally, if your room is already decorated in ornate patterns, you can think of a more subtle area rug. If your interior decor is minimal, go for busier patterns and bolder details.

Again, when you place bold-patterned area carpets beneath furniture, make sure that you do not cover up the rug completely. Only then, you can add that glam and fab brightness. You can also use customized rugs if your room’s dimensions are not as per standard dimensions. Carpet tiles are the best bet in such scenarios. They arrive in a wide range of colors and patterns and you can pick whatever suits you. If there is spillage, you can also replace carpet tiles.

How should you choose and use area carpets?

Whenever you buy area carpets, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is the size. You should not get one that’s too small. It should fit under the specified furniture piece so that at least the front legs of major upholstered pieces fit on the rug. It’s okay if you cannot include the back legs. For smaller sets of furniture, ensure that all the legs fall on the rug, if possible. Hence, consider the arrangement of furniture in your home before getting the carpet.

For large living or family rooms, sectionalize the area into conversation parts. You can use a different area carpet for each section. Although, it is not mandatory that the rugs should completely match, they should complement each other in terms of shades and designs. For average-sized rooms, make sure that you keep a minimum space between the carpet’s edges and the walls. If you want to use the carpet as a focal point, ensure that the distance of uncovered floor between the walls and the rug is the same on all sides. Whatever you do, your area carpet should offer enough space for people to walk on the rug’s surface.

Once you have finalized the perfect size for your space, it is not that difficult to pick rugs in various styles that come within the set dimensions. One important consideration is, if you are starting your interior decor from scratch, choose the area rug at the beginning. Don’t leave it for the last. Because after everything is done and then you start looking around for the perfect match, it may take months for you to find the exact style you need.

Area Rugs

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Cleaning tips for area carpets

Area carpets are much easier to clean than wall-to-wall carpeting. When you get bored with the same look, you can also easily replace them. Of course, cleaning measures vary from rug to rug-depending on the material, type, usage, and quality. However, here are some common tips that shall help you maintain your area carpets for the long term.

You can annually clean medium and high pile rugs once every year so that you remove dust, hair, and any allergens. Sometimes, using a vacuum cleaner may not be sufficient and you might have to hire professional cleaning services.

For low-pile and flatweave rugs, you have to give them to cleaning experts for deep cleansing. Always go through the maintenance manual before making a purchase. Natural fiber area carpets, such as jute and sisal rugs, are difficult to clean, especially when there are spills. The good thing is these rugs don’t display minor stains and spills.

The classic woolen rugs arrive with natural stain-resistant properties. You can simply use a blot to absorb the majority of spills with water. However, big, dark stains need professional cleaning. You can wash cotton rugs in a washing machine. They are durable and robust and don’t need too much of careful handling. Again, for synthetic materials like polypropylene or acrylic, you can use the same spot-cleaning methods as their woolen counterparts — when it has small stains. But certain materials may require special solvents.

Best places to buy area carpets

There are several options — both offline and online — when it comes to buying area carpets. With the advent of ecommerce, you can buy area rugs from the multiple online platforms. They have all the specifications listed for each particular product.
However, if you are the traditional shopper, who trusts only brick and mortar stores, there are so many shops that specialize in area carpets. At Pura Vida Carpets, we have customers who call for customizations and prefer to see the swatches before the final product – to have a look & feel of the weave, loom and quality.

The only tip here is to go for brands and labels which are authentic and offer you the required guarantee and warranty for the purchased items. Some of our millennial clients who believe in ease & convenience often place orders online as they know the quality of our rugs. They are aware of the Pura Vida Carpets customer life cycles and feel the sales team will anyways make double sure that the right product reaches their doorsteps.

Area carpets are the perfect option when it comes to giving an instant makeover to your home. You can use them both in indoor and outdoor spaces. A beautiful, striking area rug can serve as the ideal inspiration for an entire room & worth of decor. If you are still wondering about what will fit best for your floors as per the home interiors and décor feel free to connect with our team and we shall share the area carpets brochure instantly.

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