A perfect guide for a living room rug positioning.

Living Room Rug Positioning

A perfect guide for a living room rug positioning.

A beautiful rug acts as an artefact for the floor. It defines the space and lays down a perfect framework to place the furniture. However, while shopping for a rug we get so carried away with the design and colours that we tend to forget about the size as well as the placement. In this article, we have tried to provide you with a perfect rugs placement and size guide so that when you come home after buying your rugs and unroll it, it fits exactly as you had imagined of and there is no disappointment.

Living room rug positioning

While considering the rug for a living room there are 3 primary factors that need to be taken into consideration:

    • Existing furniture in the living room
    • Size of the living room
    • The layout of the furniture

If due consideration is given to the aforesaid 3 factors, you will be able to give due to justice and space will appear to be much larger.

How to place a rug under a sectional sofa?

The following key guidelines will enable you to make a proper placement of the rug under a sectional sofa.

  1. The living room is large and spacious: If your living room is large and spacious then you might go for an area rug that will accommodate all the furniture on it. This will anchor the space and tie the room together. Care must be taken that there is sufficient rug left around all the sides of the rug giving you enough space to move around without tripping.
  2. If the living room is on a smaller side: If however the living room is on the smaller side then just place only the front legs of the sofas and other furniture on the rug. Space will still look unified by the front legs of all the furniture on the rug.
  3. The living room space is much smaller: In this situation just place the rug under the centre table leaving all the other furniture on the bare flooring. Also to ensure that you have the right proportions have a rug based on the interior dimensions of the furniture and not just the coffee table. This will make sure that your rug is filling up all the negative space and make your living room look innovative and appealing.

How to place a rug under the bed?

  1. If you are planning to place an area rug in the bedroom make sure you consider the biggest furniture in the room that is the bed itself. This area rug will not only define the space but also make sure that you have a comfy feel to your feet each morning as you step down from your bed. A standard 8’X10’ rug is sufficient enough to accommodate a king size or a queen size bed. But if you plan to place it even lower then it would cover 2/3rd of the bed and would keep the nightstand
    on the bare flooring.
  2. If however, you do not wish to cover your nice flooring then you can place small
    runners on either side of the bed. However, care must be taken that the runner doesn’t extend beyond the bed and should actually be wider than your

Rug placement on hardwood floors.

In rooms with hardwood floors, area rug becomes a necessity. They make the room appear cosier, muffles the noise and also provide cushioning to your feet. However, to ensure harmonious effect rug of proper size, colour and design are necessary otherwise it would give a disastrous look to the room. Again for the placement of the area rug, a combination of the rules for the living room and bedroom would apply.


In a nutshell, there are multiple rules that govern the decision of what size of the rug would be ideal for the room of a home and many of them completely opposite to the other. However, if one is aware of the rules that govern the decision of which area rug is ideal for which room, then it would aid you in choosing a rug which is most appealing and will ensure that you succeed in achieving the look that you had desired in your individual space.

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